The Silent War: Israel's Blockade of Gaza
Israels blockade of Gaza has been in place for almost three years. Building on existin...
published: 15 Feb 2010
Egypt lifts Gaza blockade, allows Palestinians free entry
Egypt is allowing Palestinians free entry to its territory in a landmark move ending part ...
published: 24 Jul 2012
author: RussiaToday
Gaza Blockade: Psychological Warfare | Think Tank
Abby Martin speaks to co-founder of March Forward, Mike Prysner, about the effects of the ...
published: 17 Nov 2012
Inside Story - Outsourcing the Gaza blockade
Greek authorities have arrested the captain of the Audacity of Hope, a flagship vessel in ...
published: 04 Jul 2011
Defying Israel's naval blockade on Gaza
Defying Israel's naval blockade on Gaza....
published: 20 Jul 2011
NEED TO KNOW | The Gaza blockade | PBS
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/security/the-impact-of-the-gaza-blockade/1292/ Intern...
published: 09 Jun 2010
author: PBS
Gaza Blockade
published: 04 Jun 2010
Boat Busted: Israeli warships 'sink' Gaza blockade protest mission
A boat carrying Jewish activists attempting to reach blockaded Gaza was forced to divert t...
published: 28 Sep 2010
author: RussiaToday
Educated Youth Stifled by Gaza Blockade
Residents of the Gaza Strip are experiencing severe shortages of basic goods and services ...
published: 15 Oct 2013
Inside story- Gaza blockade- 24 Aug 08- Part 1
Activits arrive in the Gaza strip to stress the plight of the people in that area. Inside ...
published: 25 Aug 2008
Amnesty International Criticizes Israel's Gaza Blockade - Video
Amnesty International's briefing paper - Suffocating: The Gaza Strip under Israeli blockad...
published: 30 Jan 2013
author: rosaryfilms
Gaza: Beyond the blockade
Sameh Habeeb reports on the humanitarian crisis taking place inside Gaza's sealed borders ...
published: 29 Nov 2008
author: TheRealNews
Humanitarian impact of Israel's blockade of Gaza - 21 Jan 08
Gaza's 1.5 million residents are struggling to cope without electricity and other basic ne...
published: 21 Jan 2008
Free Gaza from Hamas, not from the Blockade
Psychologist and patient examine the motives of Freedom Flotillas, Flytillas and other suc...
published: 01 Jul 2011
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Amnesty urges immediate end to Gaza blockade
Amid a dire fuel and power shortage in the Gaza Strip, Amnesty International has called on...
published: 01 Dec 2013
Desmond Tutu Vs Israel: "Gaza blockade is an abomination"
by http://guerrillaradio.iobloggo.com/ Tutu: Gaza blockade abomination Archbishop Tutu des...
published: 31 May 2008
Pink Floyd - Roger Waters "End The Blockade Of Gaza" Palestine & Palestinians
John Rand https://www.facebook.com/groups/John.Rand.Group/permalink/254270478033962/ SHARE...
published: 02 Dec 2012
author: Kit Kirja
Gaza's People Blame Poverty on Israeli Blockade and Hamas Leadership
For Gazans life remains unbearable, Amnesty International estimates that 70 percent of fam...
published: 11 Oct 2012
author: TheRealNews